The lockdown eclipse

It has been a long 3 months of summer that was and is probably still eclipsed by the lockdown. Many a minds sanity was retained thanks to Amazon Prime and Netflix. However, I managed to get through the isolation in the company of my ever present lovers and boyfriends, My Books.

It was “Who is John Galt”? (of Atlas Shrugged) that captured my interest and became my travel companion during the lockdown journey. Scarlett O’ Hara and Rhett Butler (Of Gone with the Wind) added colour and zing with Ravan (from Amish Tripathi’s series) adding the grey tones to the scene. It was, indeed, many such stalwarts of the imaginary world who helped me sustain the complete social isolation imposed by the invisible titan called Covid.

Would be great if you guys share the names of authors who embellished your minds.


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