Coping with times

Now that we’re nearing six months of lockdown, I’m in disbelief as to how I’ve handled the days of isolation. To be clear, I didn’t learn a new instrument or get better at cooking. I did try to learn a new language, ¿pero a qué costo? (but at what cost?).

There have been days that are long, where I ball up and drown with survivor’s guilt and days that whizz past. Days where I am productive and days I just don’t leave the comfort of my bed. Days where I cook an astounding meal and days I live on toast and a lot of questionable Irish coffee.

But the one thing that I realised was each day was different. There was comfort in the absence of a routine and in the presence of one. I had full control of my day and it was up to me to do… or not to do at all. If I chose to binge on Tarantino movies, that was my choice. And I actually managed to live with that choice with almost no guilt.

So forget what your friends make their quarantine look like. You don’t have to bake a cake or set up a pillow fort and glam it up with fairy lights. You could just snuggle in with some hot green tea and call it a day as long as you can sleep at night!


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