What may just save your days in quarantine- Expressive Arts Therapy

Expressive Arts Therapy makes use of the creative arts as a form of therapy. This includes the distinct disciplines of art therapy, dance/movement therapy, drama therapy, psychodrama, music therapy, sand play therapy, poetry therapy, etc.

Now what’s the difference between Expressive Arts Therapy and expressive arts? In this form of therapy the process of creating a piece of art (a painting, a dance sequence, a song, etc.) is extremely significant. More emphasis is given to the process of the creation than to the final product itself. Expressive arts would be a performance for oneself or to an audience. Like singing in the shower, dancing to Uptown Funk while making toast, posting your poems on social media, or performing a piece of slam poetry etc.

Funnily enough, both are therapeutic.

Expressive Arts Therapy is based on the assumption that one can heal through the process of creating art. This helps one tap into their imagination, emotions and thought process. This method has proven to help one deal with stress, trauma, anxiety, autism (mild or extreme) and PTSD.

So if at all you’re having a tough time coping, here’s an option that you can explore. Mind you, this is a form of therapy, which means you need to find yourself an expressive arts therapist. Of course colouring a ‘Colour me in’ book, rapping with Hamilton or dancing to ABBA by yourself can relieve you from anxiety and stress momentarily but if you want to self introspect and see solid progress, it’s always good to turn to a professional.

Hope this helped!


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