How normal is Normal?

I think it’s time to talk about the elephant in the room. How normal is the life that we are leading as a race? Let me rephrase. I think everyone can agree when I say 2020 has been a tragic year for all of humanity. Individually though, I have personally borne witness to how amazing the year 2020 has been for a lot of my friends. A few found love, others founded business models with their pals. Some took time off and learnt tap dance or karate, while one researched about green tea leaves. A few focused on updating their skills. Many graduated from their living room. Many started their corporate careers from the comfort of their beds. I hope you understand where I’m going with this.

If you don’t, all of this- our accomplishments…They’re normal, sure. But these accomplishments were made during a Global Pandemic that rocked the world. Most developing countries are struggling, while developed nations are healing. Yet we have managed to weave a normal life out of this. I watch movies that were made BC (Before Corona) and I promise I jump with fright and unease when I see a party scene or a kissing scene. SO MUCH HUMAN CONTACT. It’s….almost abnormal.

I marvel and worry at the rate at which we adapted. This makes me wonder what us humans CAN’T do. Will we survive the consequences of climate change? Did the Mayans really have to warn us about the end of the world? Was 2020 the ‘premonition year’ – the trailer to the real live version of the movie 2012. If Noah’s Ark saved humans and all living beings, who will save us this time? Elon Musk? Will we have to move to Mars?

With new times ahead, we will have new problems. What will be our next normal?

The intricacies of Marriage Story (2019)

For those of you who don’t know, Marriage story is a drama which was written, produced AND directed by Noah Baumbach starring Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver. I’m a big fan of Scarl Jo, so naturally I was very excited to watch the movie. With a great script, exceptional acting and unobtrusive cinematography the movie was an actor’s treat.

The story is about a married couple who are going through a divorce. The wife, Nicole Barber files for a divorce when she realises that the marriage aids and benefits her husband Charlie more than it does for her. She realises she is unhappy and chooses to live life on her own terms.

The film journeys through every difficulty a couple has to face during a divorce. With the difficulties being richly detailed, but well balanced with some refined comedy and powerful and violent emotional scenes, the movie had everything lined perfectly. It has the whole package! You can tell it was tastefully made.

The movie, very beautifully portrayed the dehumanisation one faces while going through a divorce. It wasn’t a movie with a 2 hour screen time that focused on a rough divorce. It was every aspect that was tied with it. With every dehumanising act there was a counter scene that showed the lives being bounced back and forth. Just thinking about the stark contrast sends chills down my spine.

The movie really stayed with me after all these months of it’s Netflix release. This will primarily be because of the way the the break up was portrayed. An actor past her prime time, washed out mother and a giving wife realises that she isn’t happy anymore. A committed theatre artist, absent minded husband and a loving father caught off guard with the divorce. It showed how difficult it was to break out of a routine, an attachment and that really did it for me.

The movie is highly recommended and everyone should watch it. Studies also show that it acts as a catharsis for couples who are on the fence. Let us know how you enjoyed it. Do you guys have a movie that has left you rattled or breathless?