Not your typical Romance with Modern Love

With a star cast, incredible music score and real life stories ‘Modern Love’ is a must watch. The New York Times came together with Amazon Prime Video and created an eight episode long show. It is based on the famous New York times weekly column ‘Modern Love’.

It explores multitude forms of love- from sexual and romantic to platonic, familial AND self love. It shows mental illness, delves into one’s sexual orientations, age and even financial status. At one point I thought they tried too hard to be inclusive.

The thing that needs to be appreciated the most I believe, is the casting and the stories itself. The star cast did a brilliant job of filling in the shoes of the characters they were playing. Also, unlike every New York love story ever, I loved how the city wasn’t overused for being the “Cupid”. You know, the “Oh the city brought us together’, “Oh I have a new job, a new apartment, a new friend and New York is sooooo romantic!”. With the kissing on New Year’s in Times Square or organising a dance mob at the Grand Central or running in the snow to get back the love of your life! You catch the drift…

I think the show was a perfect balance of realism and exaggerated actions. An anthology of this much weight, dealing with a lot of complicated, interconnected, deep emotions definitely needed a bit of glitz. I absolutely enjoyed the show and I would like to believe it was solely because of relatability- not with the plot but with the characters and the depth of emotion. My favourite story was the first episode with Guzmin and the lady from How I Met Your Mother.

Like language, love has evolved through the centuries and with that evolution it has brought with it, various complications, insecurities and fragility. Watching the show felt like a mirror was being held to my face. It was truly sensational and a delightful watch.


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